3. Water from Wall Street

    Early 90’s.  The wall street wall of water.  A place for poor people to crawl on their knees and fill up plastic jugs of water.  


  4. Living in the Past

    Living in the Past

    Burglary on East 7th

    Burglary on East 7th Street – early 80s.

    I have been accused by several people of the charge: Living in the Past. Specifically, they have said that the books I read are from the 19th century – or worse yet – the 18th century.  And worse yet – there have been people saying that they think I know nothing about pop culture.

    I plead guilty on all charges.

    To be frank – pop culture is for a certain…

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  5. New York Skyline Night Color


    New York Skyline Night Color

    New York Skyline Night Color

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    This is probably the most photographed skyline in history. Photographed in HDR (High Dynamic Range) from the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) on Columbus day. Someday, my fantasy is to have a hotel suite, or better yet, a condo, with this view.

    One of the top 10…

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  6. Life in the World of Insurance

    Life in the World of Insurance

    tech problemsAs you may or may not know – I’ve suffered with various intestinal issues since I was in my 40s.  In my 50′s – the Colitis simply disappeared.  In my 60s it returned with a vengeance.  But that’s not the point.  My insurance lapsed at one point a few years back – my superb G.I. doctor died suddenly – and I went into a downward health spiral.

    But that’s still not the point.  Someday maybe I’ll sit…

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  7. Life in East Village (2)

    Life in East Village (2)

    East Village - 1980s

    Back then – before they were the homeless – or street people – they were the bums. You were seven blocks away from the Bowery. Mostly it was dangerous psychotic people wandering around.

    This particular fellow carried a sharp stick beneath his robes, and you can just make it out. He slept in the park, and it was dangerous there for him. Somewhere, he leaned in my car window to light half a…

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  8. Missed Shots Part 1

    Missed Shots Part 1

    East Village Selling Shoes

    Unlike Forrest Gump who turned up everywhere, I turned up nowhere.  Now, that’s not exactly true – I had chances – but I didn’t take advantage of them.

    Example: I was a camp counselor, maybe a junior counselor, something like that at a summer camp that was near what later became known as the Woodstock Festival – but at the time all we knew was that there were going to be a heck of a lot of bands…

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  9. Fingers of Cab Driver (color)

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  10. Eagle Grand Central Station in Snow

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  11. The Boxer (black and white version)

    The Boxer (black and white version)

    Boxer Taxi Driver - Bronx

    A few years ago, when I was working on a book about the Bronx (where I grew up) I’d go up to various spots every weekend. Most of the book was (is) about the things – the streets – the buildings – the monuments from childhood.

    On this particular day – I got caught in a drenching downpour and stopped under the awning of this Bodega where I ran into the cab driver with the black eye. We got to…

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  12. Elusive Film Star

    matt weber ocean

    The elusive star of the new feature documentary: More Than the Rainbow was sighted wading into the ocean at Coney Island. Mr. Weber never explained his intentions. It has remained very mysterious to this day. He has said that sometimes his Leica M just needed a good scare.

    I almost always got good shots when I was with Matt. Maybe it was his vibe. Had the kid in the middle dribbled and had I…

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