1. Crashed Drive & Crashplan

    Crashed Drive & Crashplan

    In case you’re wondering how I made out after my 3 TB drive crashed, and then a 2nd drive crashed about a month ago… with everything backed up to Crashplan.  Well, its not something you want to have happen.  But I came out of it in decent shape.

    One of the things I had seen happen many times with backup systems was that you think everything was backed up, until the disaster happens, and then you…

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  2. Spam and Zombies

    I’m certain that someone must be doing a collage of S*P*A*M.  It is just so freakin’ funny.  If you don’t run a website or two, and your email knocks your S*P*A*M away… oh, why am I using the asterisks?  Yeah, I’m afraid I’ll just attract more of the nonsense.  But as I was saying, it must work because there is just so much of it (and yes I have a S*P*A*M blocker…  But just this morning, this is…

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  3. Sold Pano Again

    I have never had a plan.  You can see that.  I got into photography because I enjoyed it, and wasn’t bored.  I went to infrared for years, for the same reason.  And a whole bunch of other things.  Giga Pano seemed interesting and I found myself with the AutoGiga system, which consists of hardware for the tripod (so you can regulate how it moves between images on the horizontal and vertical axis),…

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    I know, I know.  You say – what the heck’s Dave been up to lately?  No new pictures.  Not even lame blog posts.  So what I’ve been up to is something completely different.  And it goes something like this.  You might remember that I used to be a screenwriter.  Me and Andy wrote a detective screenplay, and managed to sell it, and somewhere in a previous life I went to film school and worked on – yes – films.

    So that whole thing was sort of in my blood.  And at the same time – I’ve been reading mystery novels since I picked up my first blue-covered Hardy Boy book.  Remember? Joe and Frank Hardy.  A million books.  Same plot?

    I’m not saying that I was a sickly child – but I was always trying to get out of school – and my parents thought I might be a sickly child because I knew many ways to heat up the thermometer, and all sorts of tricks for appearing to have broken bones, stomach aches, and other ailments.  I hated school, and my favorite thing was to lie in bed near the window, and read adventure stories.

    Next step in the plot.  In the age of everything on demand, I began buying detective ebooks like crazy.  And watching mysteries with an equal ardor.  And I began to put two and two together and was reading the books that the movies were made from and found that I was enjoying the books anew.  Especially with movies like Double Indemnity that I had seen a thousand times.  The better I knew the movie, the more fun it was to read the book.

    You might say, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.  You already knew whodunit!

    So that got me to thinking about the important qualities of a mystery.  What was it that we liked so much about them?  Why was Agatha Christie the best selling author?  Why was her The Mousetrap the longest running play in London?  Why was Wallander such a popular series?

    Okay, this post will get too long for you.  I know that.  But let me save the qualities of the mystery of another post and jump to the conclusion.  Maybe, a site that linked up mystery books with the movie(s) that were made from them – and showed the difference – would be popular.  Maybe there were others out there that would actually like to read the books that the movies were based on even though they knew the movie.

    It might be the tiniest niche in the world: people who want to read mystery books that were made into movies.  Or maybe not.

    So I managed to get the domain DetectNovel.com – and put up some links to Amazon where you could download or buy the print books.  And so far – I haven’t made a dime.  But you know what.  From the beginning, I said to myself, “Self.  You may not make a dime.  But it’ll be fun.”  And so far it has been.

    So here are a few movie stills (yes, there are lots of photographs on DetectNovel.com) and I see it as a hobby for now.

    Mystery Book Site DETECTNOVEL.COM I know, I know.  You say - what the heck’s Dave been up to lately?  No new pictures.  

  5. At first when I saw the BOOKS added to Adobe Lightroom, along with some other top level menu stuff like MAPS I was like – man – they are just filling this thing up with bloatware.

    Okay, you don’t fill up a software product with bloatware, technically you take a good simple idea and turn it into bloatware.

    I’ve been using Lightroom for a very long time and what I liked was that it followed the path of the photographer (at the time). You cataloged, and developed, and printed. Sort of. Actually I think you developed and then printed. But whatever – a long time ago and a lot of Dektol under the bridge.

    And the web stuff was added. You had to do that didn’t you since the web was where pictures went to die.

    And I suppose that some of the other stuff in the DEVELOP module was good. I confess that I stopped using the develop module when NIK came out and got integrated with Photoshop and Lightroom. I only used the WEB module when I needed to make a quick and dirty gallery for a client. (Can we see all the shots you have of the Empire State Building, Dave?)

    When I was doing my own printing on the Epsons (big and little ones) I used the PRINT MODULE. Right now printing is done by DSI so I don’t use that module.

    And so – to get to the point – if there is one – this morning I was looking through Lightroom 5 (I get the newest versions from Adobe Cloud) – there were all these new MODULE HEADINGS. And I just said, bloatware. The thing has everything but the proverbial kitchen sink.

    But for fun, I clicked on BOOK and there was a book. Sort of. There was a default book with 72 pages, ready to be printed by Blurb (sort of), opened to a COVER PAGE, waiting for pictures and text. Fully integrated into LIGHTROOM was the sort of book publishing software that I had once used with Blurb and MyPublisher. No need to futz with different software for different companies, or with InDesign which I never did get the hang of.

    And I have been meaning to do a book anyway – because – well frankly, I need the money (bad reason, huh?) and books are just about the only way to sell street photography (unless you are famous, and even then not so much). So like most of my ideas – this one came out of the blue and I’m going to spend the next few weeks putting together my book in Lightroom – and hey – it’ll give me something to write about.

    Here are some pretty dumb things I just did as I was starting to play with the PRINT MOD. It was by chance that it came up with these pictures of a rainy day – and I thought – that would be funny. A whole hardcover book about a rainy day in Central Park. (Don’t worry. Not going to do that.)

    Lightroom Books (Huh) At first when I saw the BOOKS added to Adobe Lightroom, along with some other top level menu stuff like MAPS I was like - man - they are just filling this thing up with bloatware.

  6. More Than the Rainbow

    More Than the Rainbow

    Will be available from Amazon around August 4, 2014.

    Lots of goodies in the bonus section. Interviews with me & Matt (if you consider that a goodie). I haven’t seen the bonus stuff, but I can only say that I’m dressed better than in the film. There are a few stories that I told that I probably shouldn’t have.

    Hmmm. What else? Well of course if a lot of people buy the DVD than it sends a signal…

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  7. I was puzzled to find myself watching Mets games again.  Forcing myself to become a Mets fan no matter how annoying they were.  I wondered for months why I would make such an attempt.  The players were different than the players when I was last a fan.  The management was different.  The announcers were different. The stadium was different.  There might be a player or two that grew up in New York, but that would be an accident rather than a plan.

    Other than the name of the team, what was the same?

    Off and on since the beginning of the baseball season, I wondered about what made a fan.  At first it made sense to be a fan of a particular player.  You liked so-and-so and you were interested in knowing about their career.  Being a fan of individuals made sense.  Though the active life of an athlete is fairly short so there were problems with the idea of “following” individuals.  Plus many of them died, which made following them more problematic.

    One day, as I was listening to Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling (now Mets announcers) talking about a past game, it struck me.  It’s not about the present Mets, it’s about the history of the team.  And more importantly, it’s about the associated memories that the team can evoke.

    The memories of good and bad times, that are associated with the team are what keeps you a fan even when the team you remember no longer exists.

    It’s like that old saying: You can’t step in the same river twice.

    Which is to say that the water and substance of the river is constantly changing.  And yet, you can still sit by the bank of the river, and watch the river flow.  You can still remember when it was possible to swim in that river.  And by extension, you can still watch the Mets play, although it’s not always a beautiful thing to watch.

    Fans and Nostalgia I was puzzled to find myself watching Mets games again.  Forcing myself to become a Mets fan no matter how annoying they were.  

  8. Scanning Medium Format Day

    Scanning Medium Format Day

    These are some very big juicy scans.  I’m scanning Pentax 67 negatives now.  Grayscale / 16-bit @ 4800 ppi.  Look at the size of these monsters.  One thing I can say for sure is that they are from the Pentax 67 because that was the only 67 film camera I used.  I did have the Mamiya 6 for a long time and liked it a lot – though not the long lens.  Was it the 150mm?  But the 50mm was a good walking…

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  9. Time Was When Negatives Ruled

    Time Was When Negatives Ruled

    My world works in a circuitous way.  There never is a direct path from A to B.  So I sold a few prints about a week ago and got an inquiry about whether I had any World Trade Center shots from when they were standing.

    I promptly forgot about the request.  This morning I woke up and decided that one of my closets needed cleaning out.  I opened the door and there was an old black file cabinet.  In…

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  12. Getting NIK Back after Upgrading Photoshop

    Getting NIK Back after Upgrading Photoshop

    Just a quick note.  I’m on the Adobe cloud.  Upgraded to Photoshop 2014.  Opened an image from Lightroom 5 and my NIK menu was gone.  Normally it pops up as a floating box.

    Went to Adobe, realized they didn’t have anything to do with it and went to Google.  Sure enough, if your NIK software filters have disappeared, either go back to your original email with the link to re-install it; or install…

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